Obedience Training

Every service offered by OC Lucky Dogs is designed to promote obedience skills in each dog, and those benefits are included as a FREE part of our program! Dog trainer’s often set clients up with a set of skills and behaviors to train and maintain on their own. This seldom works because owners don’t always have the time needed to complete the program. At OC Lucky Dogs, we put in the time for you and work to improve each dog’s behavior every day, on every outing. This program will provide your pup with the structure, consistency and exercise it needs to be a well-behaved member of the human and canine society!

Once we have your pup on a structured program, we work on:

  • Sitting and laying down on cue
  • Waiting for a release cue
  • Walking nicely on a leash
  • Passing other dogs without reacting   
  • Improving off-leash obedience
*Note: Though we provide training and advice as a free part of the program, there are certain situations in which we charge $50-$90 per session to work with dogs who need some extra work via 1 on 1 training sessions or with small packs first before being able to join our daily pack walking and daycare activities. These situations are rare and generally involve cases of more severe anxiety and reactivity.