What is packwalking?

A pack walk is a long, usually fast-paced walk/hike with a group of dogs. It is the most natural situation for your dog and allows them to find their place within a pack and become more socially balanced, relaxed members of the canine and human society. Pack walks can help to desensitize dogs to other dogs, people and high-stimulation environments. It is an amazingly natural remedy to so many discomforts our dogs face in the human world, and it doubles as an energy release that results in a better behaved dog at home.


What if my dog doesn't like other dogs?

If your dog hasn’t been socialized to other dogs but is submissive rather than aggressive, pack walking can be an amazing way to introduce socialization in a structured environment. If your dog shows signs of aggression towards other dogs or has a history of physical altercations, there are sometimes steps that can be taken to safely acclimate them to the pack.


What if my dog is leash reactive? (Barks/lunges or growls at other dogs while on leash)

Depending on the degree of your dogs’ reactive symptoms, pack walking can absolutely help. Dogs don’t multitask well, so when they are busy focusing on walking successfully they have less energy to use reacting. Dogs who are sensitive to urban environmental noise and stimulants (trucks, bikes, skateboards, etc.) can benefit greatly from seeing other dogs display calm walking behavior in proximity to these triggers.


How old does my puppy need to be to start?

Most dogs can begin with a single walk around 4-5 months of age, but we recommend checking with your vet and taking the breed of dog into consideration. Our staff is trained to be highly observant in the physical and mental well-being of every dog within their pack, which includes keeping an eye on young pups and setting the pace they can handle. We will be sure to communicate with you if we feel your pup needs a bit more strength before continuing on a walking schedule.


What does a full day of daycare look like?

A 6 hour daycare day (FULL DAY) will consist of 3 or 4 hour long walks, during which resting in the shade and water breaks are frequent. Pack leaders set the expectations for their packs high and will focus on training exercises and tactics with some groups more than others. Between walks your pup will rest in the air conditioned van with water and space to lay available to them at any time. Occasionally we will make special trips to the beach or dog park, given the correct pack mixture and owner permission.


What if my dog is intact? (Not spayed/neutered)

While we do allow some intact dogs in our program, we do not allow male dogs over the age of 16 months. We will also ask that female dogs remain home during their heat cycle. Intact male dogs under 16 months will be unable to continue the program if they cannot be stopped from mounting other dogs. We always put safety first in these delicate situations.


Will my dog be safe?

OC Lucky Dogs puts safety first, always. While there are natural risks that come with doggy daycare, we feel that the level of structure in our program and the expectations set for our pack leaders give us a leg up. When your dog is under our care, will love and care for him as if he is our own.


Are there any breed restrictions?

Any breed can walk with our program. The only time we restrict access to the program is for safety reasons. For instance, in 90 degree weather we may ask that flat faced breeds like pugs, bulldogs or frenchies get only a short potty-walk in order to protect them from heat exhaustion.


How many miles will my dog walk?

Between 2-3 miles on a single walk, 5-6 on a half day and 8-10 on a full day.


Can we cater to older dogs?

Absolutely! We offer slow pack walks twice a week and a potty-break service for pups who can’t stray far from home. Note that the slow pack walks and potty-break service are only available when necessary.