Founder & Head   Pack Leader

OC Lucky Dogs was founded by Kayleen Perlof. After 3 years of experience in the doggy daycare and packwalking industry she studied Animal Training and Behavior through the Karen Pryor Academy and began training dogs and their owners in home. It occurred to her that owners struggled enforcing a realistic training program because it was too time consuming or expensive. Their dogs needed to be exercised and trained with consistency, and it needed to be cost effective.

She then set out to create a formal daycare program in which dogs can receive adequate exercise while learning proper social skills and exercising obedience on a regular basis. Her goal isn’t just for dogs to behave well in the pack environment, but for that respectful behavior to transfer over to the home as well. Her biggest motivation is helping pets and their owners have a stress free, fun and communicative relationship. Her dog, Haven, was with her through training school and now accompanies her to work everyday as assistant pack leader. They can't wait for your pup to join them!