Packwalks & Daycare

Dogs are pack animals and there are few activities that better serve their mental and physical well-being than an adventure with their canine pals! These group outings are designed to provide your pup with lots of physical and social stimulus. Using training techniques rooted in positive reinforcement, our handlers will work with your dog to establish proper leash walking and social skills while also solidifying commands like sit, down, stay and learning to wait for a release cue.

1 hour Walk: 1 Hour Day, 2-3 miles - $30

Half Day Daycare: 4-5 Hour Day, 5-6 miles - $40

Full Day Daycare:6-7 Hour day, 7-9 miles - $50

For more info on daycare and pack walking, check out our FAQ page by clicking the faq button below!

*full days not available for all dogs. mileage subject to change based on weather, terrain and other factors